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How I can help you

Menopause is chronically under supported and misunderstood – yet it is potentially the most critical transition in a woman’s entire life.

And it has the potential for the deepest, most profound and beautiful changes available. Transformation, in fact. Not just change.

  • Struggle becomes ease

  • Exhaustion becomes energy

  • Over giving becomes self love

  • Fear becomes confidence

  • Invisibility becomes radiance

  • Pretense becomes power

  • Hiding becomes unapologetic authenticity

  • Dreams become reality

Dear woman, you probably have another whole one third of your life ahead. What could you do with another 20 years – or 30?

Dance a Tango in Buenos Aires? Build your dream home? Cross the deserts and oceans ? Learn to cook your favourite food in your favourite country? Be with your lover/children/grandchildren more  often? Have a lover? Write a mind blowing novel? Help others rebuild their lives?

This post menopause time of life is waiting for you to experience your soul’s delights and your heart’s desires –  and if you wonder just how that could be – then menopause and I will teach you.

I will show you exactly  how to embody the new ‘archetypes’ of the new version of you that will make these things happen. I promise that the potential is there and I know how to show you how to access it. All you need to do is be willing, step up and let me get you under my wing for a while!

Let’s talk soon – book a chat now. Why wait?

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The years leading up to menopause (often referred to as perimenopause)  can be very stressful and difficult. Women talk about experiencing ‘brain fog’ and confusion. They feel frustrated because they can’t think and work like they always have done. Some suffer total exhaustion and loss of self worth.

25% of women are likely to suffer sleep disturbances, hot sweats, aches pains and weight gain. Sometimes these problems lead  to issues around work, and financial stability. Often, they impact relationships and life choices. Not many will admit to the vivid dreams, extreme thoughts and inner turmoil that can make a woman wonder if she is losing her grip on things.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Nature is doing her best to speak to you, and I know what she is saying.

My role is to support you in becoming strong and balanced again – physically, emotionally, psychology and spiritually. I help you reignite your self confidence, clarity, vision and ability to get the support you need – while you are also ‘birthing’ your new self.

RESULT: Changes flow from a place of stability, security, clarity and
strength.  You  – and those you care about – can relax and feel the relief and optimism that comes with knowing just HOW to navigate this passage.

I do this by working with you in a personally tailored VIP mentoring programme and at a bespoke retreat.

How it works


We start out by identifying your priority areas for attention. I get to know you and also attune to any ‘shadow’ work that needs to be addressed. This is an aspect of your programme that unfolds as we go forward and you’ll be surprised – and pleased –  at the energy and resources it provides. I will then give you specific insight into any major ‘life  blocks’  and a healing initiation from the energy of Chiron.  Every face to face session is supported by me between times, as I run the high frequency energies of Transference Healing  for you. This ensures that your ‘subtle’ energy system is kept clear and at the right frequency for your new archetype (you get to choose her!) is birthed.

  • I teach you the lost ‘priestess technologies’ of menopause, so that you are clearer, more confident, and very well informed about the process you are in.

    RESULT: You feel real relief from the reduction of anxiety, confusion and fear (which usually stems from secret worries about loss – of youth, strength, relationships, money, roles)

  • I’ll show you how to balance hormones, emotions and relationship issues, using Yoga, nutrition and emotional/spiritual healing processes so that you feel calmer, clearer and safer.

    RESULT: More harmonious… less drama, emotional pain, conflict and tension

  • I’ll give you the inner ‘hidden’ keys to reshaping your life, if you want to.

    RESULT: You get crystal clear about your future, are confident in your ability to shape it and know exactly how to let go in safe and loving ways that enhance your life and those of people you care about.

This is an image of me – 60 years old and dedicated to helping women find the treasure in their menopause journey! It’s my joy! And what is UNIQUE about my work is that while I work with you ‘physically and emotionally” (i.e. 1:1 with Skype/Zoom/physical meetings) when I’m not with you I am also energetically supporting you – using high frequency energy practices .

This overcomes the potential hazard of your being drawn back into old patterns that don’t support you any longer. This so often happens when we work with just our physical/mental ‘energy’.  We ‘think’ we are not making progress! My methods don’t stop you getting to do  your growth work, but it does mean you don’t do it twice!  And this knowledge and these tools will continue to support you for your entire life – not just for the average of the 7 years in perimenopause.

I was born naturally  clairaudient and clairsentient  and I have many years of training and advanced practice in ‘energy’ work.  I work with  the high frequency alchemical energies of Transference Healing ® (Transference Healing ® Mystery School graduate)  am a Reiki Master, and  Yoga and meditation teacher. I have a specific interest and focus for the health and wellbeing of women aged from 47-60.  

For 25 years I have also coached, trained and mentored 1000s of people in pragmatic as well as esoteric ways – using techniques drawn from ‘standard’ business approaches (e.g. NLP, Transactional Analysis (TA) assertiveness and problem solving) but which have always been guided by my natural psychic talents.

I’m a dancer, (love my Tango!)  writer and drummer. But  what you need to know most, is that I care very deeply about you on this journey  and while we are together  your needs and highest good  are at the centre  and heart of every interaction we have. 

What others are saying…

Everyone can listen but most people don’t hear, you do. You’re brave, you’re grounded and you help me put things into perspective. You’re kind, honest, always truthful and always, always supportive, You believe in me, and encourage me even when others won’t. Your zest for life is infectious and I always feel fabulous after I’ve seen you.

Annette H
Annette HDerbyshire, UK

You do have a unique ability to get to the core of what’s going on, to understand the complexity in which women find themselves and identify clear, profound and challenging ways for them to take responsibility and make wise decisions.

You spread joy, hope and love everywhere you go. Again a rare talent when it runs side by side with your honesty, insight and commitment to help achieve change; yours is not a ‘love and peace, man’ type of offering, yours is embedded in that truthfulness that spreads joy and love without ignoring the darkness, the negative sides of reality

Annie D
Annie DNottinghamshire UK

Your unique ability is to make connections between ideas, people and so on… you help people by seeing patterns in what you are hearing/seeing and reflecting these back … a wonderful atmosphere of warmth and openness which people respond to.

Dr H. E.
Dr H. E. Isle of Man

Debs created a magical and unique retreat experience. We slept and ate like queens, danced, walked, learned, cried, laughed and discovered so much about ourselves and how we can flourish in mid life. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Katie B
Katie BLondon

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Remember, here is your copy of
“The 30 Day 5R Sweat Reduction Plan©

how to reduce sweats without spending £££s

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The 30 Day 5R Sweat Reduction Plan©
How to reduce sweats without spending £££s

[Revised and Updated for 2017]
My unique  '30 day 5R sweat reduction plan - how to reduce sweats without spending £££s" is my gift to you.

It's in a book format, with simple steps laid out for you in an initial 30 day programme that you will want to 'rinse and repeat.

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