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Belly fat, sweating & exhausted? Is it really all because of the menopause?



If you are suffering from unwanted saggy belly fat, sweating during the day and at night (or having gruesome chills) and feeling exhausted, you’re likely to be told that it’s the inevitable result of the dreaded menopause.

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But why would 75% of women never report these symptoms? Or even tell you (as my ‘best’ friend did) ” I just sailed through it” Hmm.


Is it REALLY all because of the down regulation of your ovaries? Or could there be other factors at play? Factors that you may be able to work with… have a look at what Dr Berg has to say:



Have you got your copy of my “30 day sweat reduction programme”? It’s a good place to start taking back control.

Even if your flashes don’t respond and you need more support, you’ll learn a lot about your body and mind. Menopause is not just about your body – it is – in my opinion anyway – a doorway (well, a long tunnel sometimes) to a new and freer life. So don’t write it off, arbitarily medicate it away or feel you are being penalised. Honestly, messy as it can be – a gift awaits you on the other side.


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Miss Whiplash or Mrs Patience? Estrogen dominance in menopause.

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Estrogen dominance.

Could estrogen be the ‘Miss Whiplash’ of the woman’s body? A driving force that doesn’t know when or how to  stop?

I’ve been mooching around  FB groups, checking out the ones for perimenopausal women. One of these groups has made my heart ache.

In this particular group, dozens (if not 00s) of (younger) women are  reporting that they are suffering from endometriosis; fibroids; uterine disorders and other womb related pain and disease.  Surgery is often their next step.

I asked myself, is this just random or is something going on globally?

I am a mentor, coach and an energy healer. Yes, I know. “Energy healer” is a fancy term that covers a lot of ground, most of which is quite indistinct. But one thing I do know,  deep in my cells and that is, I have always had a sense of the ‘quantum’. Let’s call it the invisible world that we – as human animals – are woven into. Well, now the physicists agree at least!

Therefore,  in my world, everything that has a physical component, has a non-physical component.

Going back to this physical world for a minute, let’s understand the basics in our body.

Estrogen dominance is a term that describes the hormone estrogen being dominant (ie. not being within it’s normal ration of 50 – 200: 1 to progesterone) in the body.

We know  that too much estrogen – not effectively balanced by progesterone – fuels excess growth. That growth can show up in places where we don’t want it. The womb, for example.

So what role does Estrogen play in the female body?

Estrogen is the hormone that stimulates breast growth at puberty and  causes the womb lining to develop every month: it signals the change to allow curves to form on a young woman’s body. It regulates menstrual cycles and prepares the vagina for adulthood by thickening the tissue and helping it to secrete lubrication.

We know that too much Estrogen going  where we don’t want it and we get growth where we don’t want it. Fibroids and endometriosis, for example, may be a result of excess, un secreted Estrogens – included the so called xeno Estrogens.

Other symptoms that have been linked  to Estrogen dominance include:

  • Sore and swollen breasts.(has also been linked to excess progesterone).
  • Fluid retention.
  • Emotional mood swings.
  • Low thyroid function.
  • Fatigue
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Sweet cravings and..
  • Belly fat.


It’s not just the estrogen that our ovaries make that may be contributing to the problem.

We now have a whole host of so-called xeno (foreign) estrogens in our environment. They are in plastics; beauty products: fertilisers: antibiotics: pesticides and synthetic hormones. Other contributing factors are around life style and Vitamin D deficiency.

To save you reading and knowing how important this topic is, I made a quick talk for you.

My talk on oestrogen dominance

From a metaphyisical/healer perspective, I just have to speak up for our wombs!

The womb and all her support systems (ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina, labia, clitoris and supporting muscles) are the BIG focus here. If the womb is the representation of our personal and planetary sacred and creative space,(and I believe it is) then we must do all we can to keep her (us) in balance so that life can be created and  sustained, in a healthy way.

This is what I – and many others – call Divine Feminine space. The seemingly empty  and still space of  creation. And it isn’t a space limited to women because our menfolk need it to, but we are the majority shareholders in this gift, because of our biology.

Keeping the Planet in balance and keeping our bodies in balance are mutually supportive.

menopause help

menopause endocrine disruption

Make a start now. You might like to use this App to check out any products that you buy to make sure they are not going to add to your burden of the driving force that is estrogen.



menopause help


Or you might like to book a chat with me to see what is fuelling your worst menopause symtoms – just book your “Focus on You” session right now.Let’s talk about you.

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The brain and ovarian hormones



I’ve shared this video becauses – amongst other things – Marwa Azab has really underscored my “5R Sweat Reduction Plan”s main approach, which is to get to know yourself. She also makes it really simple to understand the HPA axis https://debsdevries.com/2017/09/14/hotter-colder-whatisgoingon/ and sheds some wonderful medical wisdom on female hormones. 17 minute and worth watching!! She is specific in mentioning that it is the ovarian hormones – and related endocrine system – that we are talking about.

Marwa Azab, Ph.D., is an adjunct professor of psychology and human development at California State University, Long Beach. She studied psychology for many years and completed a masters in counseling from Toronto, Canada and her Ph.D. in neurosciencefrom University of California, Irvine, where she taught in the biology department.


I particularly like the way – as an academic and scientist – she doesn’t shy away from making the point that the body is one holistic system. It’s OK to teach subjects separately, she says, but not to apply that knowledge separately.


Please help yourself to my “5R Sweat reduction programme” where you can begin to dig deep into your own sweat triggers.