Understanding the spiritual technology of menopause. Really? (1/2)

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I can almost hear the collective groans of disbelief and exasperation from  thousands of women. These dear souls, worn down by months or years, of peri menopausal symptoms (and just want it TO END ) are now being presented with the hypothesis that there is a ‘spiritual technology’ underpinning their misery. What am I thinking of?

Give me a moment, please. You need to hear this.


Spirituality, in the world of Debs de Vries, is not a religion, pagan or otherwise. It is not a misty-eyed attempt to rebalance my inner world by making the madness of the outer one, nothing more that playful yet strangely sinister behaviour of a divinity. A divinity who wants to torment humans in an effort towards making them ‘better’ beings even.  Nope.


Spirituality is the technology of the movement of light. Photons. It impacts everything. It could even said to be – everything – solid, liquid, gas or invisible sub-atomic particle, prana, spirit, ether…. it’s light.


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Scientists have now found that our brain can make light – it can communicate with and via light. http://educateinspirechange.org/science-technology/scientists-discover-biophotons-brain-hint-consciousness-directly-linked-light/


At last. What seers, gnostics, Yogis and wise beings of all paths have known for 1000s of years is now visible to science. I hope that helps.


Anyway, back to menopause. Somewhere around the ages of 48 – 52, a little planet called Chiron will be stationed slap bang where he was the moment your energetic self took it’s first breath. And as if to add fuel to the flaming fire of your peri menopausal  symptoms, the subtle impact of this energy field of light on your DNA (which is reading the environment you live in) has potentially profound effects.

I would liken this  to a bizarre and unwelcome compulsion to dive into the deepest, darkest part of your psyche. Willingly or not. Dreams become vivid and strange. Thoughts are disturbed and disturbing. A cauldron is boiling in the basement of your life and you may want to behave in ways that would previously alarm you. Or drop the habits of a lifetime. You may resist all of these impulses and  you may get medication to help smother them.  I personally, wouldn’t do that but then I have a tendency to explore in the darkest places – because it is growth. And I love a mystery! Perhaps spirituality is nothing more than the impulse of our Universe to  to expand, and in that expansion, to push your/its  consciousness to new horizons.


A friend of mine woke up on her 50th birthday and realised – out of the blue – that she no longer wanted to teach. She has always wanted to teach (and therefore, her logic said, she should always want to teach). Spirituality is not logical, it is not reasonable. It contains an  aspect of use we just don’t know about  yet. And every life time is a doorway to exploring what that might be. No clues are given – or very few meaningful ones. It. Is. Scary. My friend talked herself out of the impulse, and went back to teaching. Her choice, absolutely.


menopause help,

I, on the other hand, woke one fine morning with a clear and unshakeable knowledge that I must give up and work and learn to Tango. I had never Tango’ed, never wanted to Tango, and had no idea why this ‘idea’ had implanted itself and simply refused to budge.

And that, my friends, leads me to the other invisible friend that comes to visit. Just when your estrogen levels are dropping and you thought all the hurly-burly would die down – up pops your kundalini. And when Kundalini meets Chiron, there is a bonfire of epic proportions. In Part 2, I will share about what happened when I caught etheric ‘fire’ and danced Tango in Leicester!


PS That is not an image of me, sadly. They are all on my iPad and I am too preoccupied with coming out of my spiritual closet to go and fetch it. Another time, perhaps!

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