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Irregular periods and heavy menstrual bleeding.

menopause signs, heavy menstrual bleeding, irregular periods,

It’s likely that  you’ll  experience irregular periods and heavier than usual bleeding during perimenopause.  I know I did, a couple of times, and it scared the heck out of  me! Even though I was all growed up, seeing the amount of blood that had just left my body, left me shaking. Eek. Had it stopped? Will it everystop? How much blood have I got to lose before I pass out? Terror in the toilet. Losing it in the silence of the loo with no one to turn to. Yep, a bit of  paranoia set in for sure


First stop for me was a trusted healer friend. She smiled calmly and said ‘you’re just having a good old clean out”. I wasn’t entirely convinced but I did calm down. I still went for investigation.

In my case, she was correct. But I had reason for fear. My mother developed heavy menstrual bleeding at the age of 46 and it was a warning sign. I don’t want to alar.m anyone, but just be aware that for some women, it’s something that will have an underlying cause. For most of us, it probably is just the womb having a clear out.


menopause signs, heavy menstrual bleeding, irregular periods,


Bayer developed and funded a leaflet about HMB and in it, there is this handy quiz.  Give yourself a moment to read and respond now:

Does your period last longer than seven days?               Y                                     N

Do you need to change pad/tampon/cup excessively

(i.e. every hour for a few hours in a row)                         Y                                      N

Do you need to use double protection

such as a pad and a tampon, or two pads, to

prevent leaks?                                                                       Y                                       N

Do you have to get up in the night to change pad?       Y                                      N

Do you experience tiredness, shortness of breath

or feel faint during your period?                                       Y                                     N

Do your periods affect  your social life, fitness

or intimacy?                                                                           Y                                     N

Do you sometimes miss work because of the

heaviness of your periods?                                                 Y                                       N

Do you have to change the way you dress or avoid

wearing light clothes during your period?                     Y                                         N

Do you avoid  leaving home for fear of accidents?      Y                                           N

IF you ticked more “Y” than “N” then it is likely your periods are very heavy – I would say, even if you ticked one Yes and there has been a regular occurrence (e.g. it happened over more than a couple of months) then get checked out.

IF you have a family history of heavy menstrual bleeding, irregular periods,  ovarian or other reproductive type diseases or cancers in the family –  do NOT be put off by anyone telling you “it’s just menopause, it will settle down”. It may not be the case.


“For 60% of women there is no obvious cause for HMB.However some gynaecological conditions have been linked to HMB such as polycystic ovary syndrom (PCOS) fibroids and endometriosis. Whatever the cause, it is important to seek advice from your GP to ensure your HMB is diagnosed and treated”. ( Bayer.https://www.bayer.co.uk/).


If you want to chat about irregular periods, heavy menstrual bleeding or other concerns, then feel free to book a complimentary call with me. I won’t be able to give you a medical answer, but I will give you space to share your concerns and signpost you to the most appropriate help.



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