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Menopause, insomnia and – really, who wants to be sleepless in Seattle?

Menopause insomnia is a well documented and debilitating menace.  Whilst waking up every couple of hours if you have a  baby to feed for instance, or a new puppy to cuddle, has a clear purpose to it, waking up randomly; sticky, sweating and tense, seems to have no ‘point’ to it at all. (On a positive note, it is worth recalling previous episodes of enforced insomnia that might give you heart). You. Will. Get. Through.This.)


Well, maybe it does have a point. Just free your thinking up enough to include this idea. Maybe the point is that this passage, this transition, is all about you. Yep. Just you. Not your elders, your offspring or your beloved pets. Just you. And although insomnia, or any wakefulness of this kind is something that needs to diminish and even disappear, I do believe that your body and psyche are super busy and at their most – communicative – during these times.

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Not only do I believe this, I also know it is also the movement of ‘kundalini‘ energy, disturbing your sleep. It is also the unfinished business, unexpressed emotions and general ‘first half of life’ debris that is causing restlessness. There are other physiological reasons that must not be ignored. I am not one of those spiritual teachers who turn their nose up at what the body needs. If your body is already out of whack, then deal with that – and also deal with any ‘inner’ business.


In addition to my video on how to improve the quality of your sleep,(watch it below) I suggest you keep a journal/piece of paper (preferably, NOT your mobile phone) by your bed. And a pen, of course! Just before sleep jot down any and all the things that are on your mind. Don’t stress over grammar, editing or politeness – get it all out. And if you feel that the words may offend someone, just make sure they don’t see them.

During the night, or in the morning, write down  your dreams, let all that is buzzing around your head out into the world, because, like Pandora’s Box, once the buzzing is out, there is a spark of Hope.


You may or may not see or gradually become aware of, patterns in your thoughts, or unfinished business that you would do well to attend to. But don’t get into a menopausal tizz about doing this as a ‘piece of work’. If you have done the spade work, writing stuff down, making your thoughts physical and anything else that comes, is a bonus.



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