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Symptoms of perimenopause. Symptoms or signals?

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What really are the symptoms of perimenopause? Well, that’s what a lot of people (mostly, but not exclusively women, want to know).

I’ve written about symptoms, It’s a long list of  the same set of physical inconveniences, horrors and menaces as most menopause helpers/teachers/healers would write.  Also I have  added a few important ones, that I think are missing from many lists – emotional symptoms.

Then today, I just asked myself – why exactly do we use the word “symptom”? Is this the correct term? Is it helpful to talk about peri menopause symptoms at all?  And, OK, I caved. I asked the Big G.  I googled. It says: –

  1. a physical or mental feature which is regarded as indicating a condition of disease, particularly such a feature that is apparent to the patient.
    “dental problems may be a symptom of other illness”
    synonyms: manifestationindicationindicatorsignmarkfeaturetrait;

    “he described the symptoms of the disease”
    • an indication of the existence of something, especially of an undesirable situation.
      “the government was plagued by leaks—a symptom of divisions and poor morale”
      synonyms: expressionsignindicationmarktokenmanifestationMore


    So, we have here: “… indicating a condition of disease,…” and “an undesirable situation”.

    Now, call me picky and call me mean, but I do not believe perimenopause is a disease or illness, and neither do I believe it is an undesirable situation. To overlay a natural (if highly inconvenient and sometimes, debilitating) passage in a life, with medical terminology, is to stuff perimenopause tightly into a box filled with ailments, diseases and illnesses that, medical science hopes, can be cured. And in that box, by default, women become ‘patients’ and expect a cure.

    You don’t need a cure for perimenopause. You need support. You need systems, understanding, knowledge and applied wisdom. Because for a % of women (mostly in the Western ‘world’) all of these new  pieces of information form a bridge: they become a foundational part of your continued growth and potential expansion into someone even more amazing, true and representative of your unique self.

    Let me add another layer to this:

For “you need systems” read “you need to learn how to run your daily life so  you are not exhausted, dragged down or just plain bored.

You need help, joy, rest, nourishment, sensuality, inspiration –  and more rest.  These ‘resourcers’  should be part of your every day (given the inevitable days when you REALLY can’t…)  – and you have to systematically choose what will support you.

You need a system of daily energy management that does more than feed and exercise your body and mind. In fact, you need the  shamanic/Yogic understanding of yourself as a much broader ‘being’ with subtler layers of energy,  so that you can effectively housekeep these ‘invisible’ layers. This is one of the big ‘secrets’ of life, let alone perimenopause.


You feel cynicism or doubt about this? Ever spent an hour with an ‘energy vampire’? Or watched a movie or piece of news that made you feel awful? Or thought thoughts that kept you awake half of the night? You – I – we – are constantly responding to our environment. And our environment is huge, messy, deep and also more under our control than we imagine.

The truth is, this ‘stuff’ is better felt and experienced than written about.  For one thing, for it to be effective it must be embodied – become a part of you. I am devoted – and I do mean devoted – to showing women how this can be done. I know that  you can learn a lot in a long weekend. Certainly enough to do your own ‘energy housework’. The benefit of this work is that you get to keep more precious fizz for yourself and that energy can go into – well – almost anything you choose – but initially, into getting your physically balanced and operational again is a great place to start.

And here is what I consider to be the BEST way to get this stuff covered and reclaim your self.  Join me for a special one-of-a-kind event and learn the true wisdom of menopause, discover the tools to lift yourself out of the tough spots and the hidden technology that is actually running the whole show. Maybe your symptoms of perimenopause are a little voice yelling loudly that there is more to this!  Trust me, this stuff WORKS!


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