Tell me what you really, really want…

I’m not so sure anymore.

When I first decided to send emails regularly, I made a promise. I’d only send something that I felt sure would give you value. You know, help things be a a bit easier, or a piece of information that would change the way you do or see things.

Before I write these emails (which I do roughly once a week) I take a walk and I ask myself “how can I help and what can I give?”. My emails don’t come from someone on Fiverr (no disrespect) or from a VA.

They come from me. From raw experience, research, practice – and caring.

This week I looked at my ‘open’ rates – this tells me how many (not who!) as a percentage, are opening emails. I know. There are too many and we all get ‘numb’ to them, eventually (though there are some people I really do look out for).

So I decided to be brave, not pretend this is going the way I want it to (i.e. tons of happy bods, eagerly lapping up my words of wisdom! Ahem!) and ask  you outright. One. Simple. Question.

Right now, what would help you the MOST?

Answer me with a word, a ton of words, an image, a feeling… a rant. I don’t mind. I just want to know that you are getting something from me that makes a difference.

Just add your comment under this paragraph and I’ll be able to do a better job!


With love



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