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Menopause and the three gatekeepers of power.

Menopause, tantra, yoga, Bagalamukhi

In Yoga, the presiding Deva of this time is Bagalmukhi.


(A Deva is a divine spirit; to me it is a form of energy with a unique feeling and power).


In images,  you see that Bagalamukhi  holds a noose to call you back inwards to your self and a cosh to stun you into inner silence! The more you struggle to get away from this passage, the tighter her hold becomes.   She who holds the chattering tongue of the inner demons, is going to be your archetypal overseer for the next few years. Relax, she means well!

Once you know what she is there for, and how to play and live with her, struggles can subside somewhat. She is not unkind  but she is stern. The more you struggle to ‘do’ your old self, waste energy in idle chatter and keep old dramas alive, the more she will make her presence felt and usually, by your feeling exhausted or not being able to escape the dramas.

But  you can choose to learn, through Yogic enquiry as well as other paths and forms of inner exploration, how exciting it is  to dig deep into your inner world.  You will recover the gems of your deepest self,  and you won’t want to skip this part of your life, or numb it out of consciousness, I promise you.

And I also must  introduce you to Chiron, who is waiting in the wings until you are around 50 years of age. At this point, The Centaur, Chiron, will present you with a gateway opportunity to find and release your core soul wounding freeing you up to be more of who you were born to be.


chiron, menopause, mid life crisis


Then there’s the whole technology of the Kundalini (s0metimes called ‘Serpent” energy)  and its interaction with your etheric body systems. You need to know how to clear your energy field and your psyche and keep it that way. Grounding methods  and the pelvic floor organs are tools you simply have to have working for you,  while you embody these powerful influxes of energy.

natural menopause


And of course, you’ll want to deal effectively with anger, grief and resentment so you don’t carry old injuries forward into the next phase of life. Natural menopause really demands you clear all that no longer serves  you so it doesn’t lurk in the basement of your psyche – and if it does, you know how to clear it out.


Menopause is physical – yes – and it is also a super sensitive time for life change supported by a whole, unspoken of, technology of its own. Am I going to get a mainstream doctor to agree with me? I doubt it. But nevertheless, this ancient understanding and esoteric knowledge still exist – and they are sorely needed by women so they can birth their wisdom and power anew and live life fully again.[/av_textblock]


Let’s talk about how working with me could  be the perfect solution to giving you a much better experience of menopause – and a sparkling, sensually passionate future! Just book a  ‘chat slot’ in my calendar – or contact me via email: debs@debsdevries.com

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