Sweats, vest & pants. A drug free solution to menopause sweats?

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Vests and pants are not the first thing you’ll think of when you are in the middle of hot sweats right?

Time to think again!  I am very, very careful about recommending anything (as you know) but this week, I have to give a huge shout out to BeCome™ women’s menopause clothing.  One of my students has now bought their sweats reducing vest and reports a massive improvement in her sleep pattern. She is actually able to sleep through the night wearing her vest. Imagine that! A whole night’s sleep, undisturbed.

The material is much, much lighter in weight and texture than I had imagined and silky to feel (and that is a first hand report!). The lady in question says that although her sweats don’t disappear, the severity is so reduced as to be very manageable.

I have spoken at length to the company and they tell me that the returns rate is 3%. All of their range comes with a full money back guarantee within 30 days so – there is no real potential for anyone to be out of pocket.

I love what BeCome™ are doing and why they are doing it. They design smart clothing to help women in los of other ways too. This women-driven start up is now a  multi $ business but has not lost sight of  it’s core ethos.

“Not submitting to stereotypes, Become™ has been keen to break down traditional barriers surrounding the menopause right from the word go. Too often, menopause is seen as a time when women wind down, or when they stop being seen as sexy or cool. Become™ thinks differently.”


And they have generously given me a code to share with you.


Use the code letters: DEVREIS at their checkout to claim your 10% discount!


Go get your anti sweaty vest now!


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