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Menopause and the party season: the demon drink?

menopause support

menopause supportNow that menopause and the party season are here, I recall, very fondly, my first grown up experience of drinking good wine. It was in 1971. I drank my first glass of Nuits St. George and  had fresh crab to eat with it. I was enchanted. I had arrived in adulthood. (No, I hadn’t. But I felt as though I might have). I got slightly drunk and listened to “Nights in White Satin” (Moody Blues) and felt very mellow.

I remember that for some time,  a bottle of good red wine was my ideal party companion. White was for unsophisticated types (heavens, I was 17 after all!).  And now that menopause and the party season are here again, I feel it timely to admit to a massive change that has evolved from my ‘change’.

As my alcohol consumption increased my sophistication deteriorated. I hadn’t actually paid for that Nuits St George after all. In summer, for a speedy high, I’d down a couple (or three) of icy bottles of cider (the cheap, effective sort!). For a more sedate sozzling, I’d opt for a steady consumption of white wine spritzers. And at Christmas, Solstice and Hannukah – well, whatever glittery cocktail that I had never had before, was top of my list.

Then came perimenopause. I struggled on. I had a ‘thing’ about having rows of baby pink champagne bottles in the fridge. I wanted to drink ‘like a grown up’. But if I did, my body behaved as if she was poisoned. In the end, I conceded the fight.

Party season can revive those feelings of wanting a ‘drink’. It isn’t the alcohol I crave. It’s the faux sense of sophistication. I still stand before the rows of artisan gins and admire the labels and wish… but there are compelling reasons to avoid or minimise alcohol consumption in menopause. And,  happily, some very fabulous options to make up for the infant drinks I’ve had to make do with.

www.healthline.com has an interesting article on the benefits and downside of alcohol consumption in menopause.

You need to judge for  yourself whether a drink helps you sleep better or makes you sweaty, wakeful and tired for days. All alcohol needs to be processed via the liver and kidneys and as it is primarily sugar, the adrenal glands will be impacted. For this reason, I don’t recommend a daily drink. Give your body 24 hours between consumption to balance up again and rest. And you know what else to do: drink plenty of water!!

menopause support

Pressure from others to conform can sometimes push you over the edge into accepting a drink. I find that not mentioning I am abstaining is easier. Instead I ask firmly for something non-alcoholic.  In fact, I don’t stipulate ‘non alcoholic’ – I ask for something specific and preface it with: –

“What I’d really like is a … (soda and lime/tonic and lemon etc)”. People want to please, so give them a clear instruction and let them fulfil your wishes!


Here are 28 beautiful, fun, elegant drinks that you can ask for (well, probably not all 28 in one evening!) . One of them at least, will satisfy your desire to be a grown up (assuming you have that desire). They mostly look like ‘proper’ drinks so you can swan about the party with ease! Make menopause and the party season live in harmony – and enjoy yourself!

Mocktail heaven!

Happy partying!

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