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I was born with natural abilities that enabled me to ‘see’ and ‘know’ things other people couldn’t! I was quite the outsider at school and I learned eventually – after much mocking – to keep quiet about what I knew. Not any more!

After very many years of training and advanced practice in ‘energy’ work , I am able to confidently use this gift to help my clients ‘see’ quickly and easily what they need to do and who they need to be, in order to transform. I utilise ‘energy work’ (in other words, directing high frequency energy into the ‘invisible’ aspects  of the body) in combination with more mainstream mentoring/coaching techniques. This offers clients an ‘inside out’ support system – when we work on the inner, the outer follows.

I use the high frequency alchemical energies of Transference Healing ® which help to clear, refine and transform thoughts, beliefs and stubborn patterns of behaviour.  I am a Transference Healing ®Mystery School graduate/teacher: a Reiki Master, and a Yoga and meditation My love and focus are specifically for the health and wellbeing of women aged from around 45 -60 years of age

For 25 years I have also coached, trained and mentored 1000s of people in pragmatic as well as esoteric ways – using techniques drawn from classical approaches (e.g. NLP, Transactional Analysis (TA) assertiveness EFT and problem solving) and these  have always been guided by my natural psychic talents.

I’m a dancer, (love my Tango!)  writer and drummer. But what I want you to know most, is that I care very deeply about you on this part of your life’s journey  and while we are together  your needs and highest good  are at the heart of every interaction we have. Get in touch – let’s journey together for a while.