During this transformative, exciting, and inspiring 4 month programme, you will gain insight, direction, healing and inspiration from me via : –

    • A (minimum) 4  hour VIP session  – just you and me – where we focus on your priority issues and set the destination.
    • A personal Chiron astrological reading and healing to highlight and clear any core soul ‘wounding’ areas and get you moving forward.
    • 16 additional  hours of 1:1 mentoring/coaching (over 4 months maximum) including a regular Transference Healing (R) Animal Magic reading/healing to keep your energy clear and topped up ( Skype or Zoom mean you do not have to travel!)
    • You’ll have (at least) one ‘ shadow identification’ session and your new archetype building/embodying process is an ongoing and  key part of  your  the mentoring.
    • A monthly (remote) shamanic energy clearing session using the Transference Healing (R) Magic process to keep your energy field clear.
    • I’ll give you specific tasks and processes as well as energy clearing tools to use between sessions. These lessons may include Yoga, Tai Chi or other health/emotional support tips for your support.
    • Email and text support within normal business hours.
    • And 50% off your ticket price to the very special and unique Menopause Magic Retreat

Every one of our face to face sessions is supported by me, energetically, between meetings.  You are not alone!  I run the high frequency energies of Transference Healing  for you. This ensures that your ‘subtle’ energy system is kept clear and at the right frequency for your new archetype (you get to choose her!) is birthed with joy while I continue to support you to feel balanced and resourceful in the present.

To apply for inclusion in this very limited mentoring opportunity (I only offer 2 places per month) please complete the application for a consultation here.

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The 30 Day Sweat Reduction Plan©
How to reduce sweats without spending £££s

[Revised and Updated for 2017]
My unique  '30 day 5R sweat reduction plan - how to reduce sweats without spending £££s" is my gift to you.

It's in a book format, with simple steps laid out for you in an initial 30 day programme that you will want to 'rinse and repeat.

❤ Debs 
Copyright Debs de Vries M.A. Menopause Mentor