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Mid life weight gain: a menopause issue or a feminist issue?

I recently met a lady who told me a  weight gain story that is – sadly – not uncommon. First of all, this lady is a health care professional herself. OK, that doesn’t necessarily mean she is doing ‘everything’ right – but she is really  taking care of her physical needs by eating well (avoiding […]

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Menopause, sexuality and sensuality.

menopause and sensuality, hot flash relief, hot flashes, night sweats,

Menopause seems to be shackled, at least conceptually, to a long list of (very real) woes and laments. I get that. I had those experiences too. Sexuality seems to be the least highlighted but often, one of the most missed parts of a woman’s life experiences during this time.   But I do believe there […]

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Improve Your Financial Life by Learning to Take Care of You First

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Our fabulous guest blogger this week is Dr Nikki Ramskill, a hardworking medical doc.who regularly sees some of the difficult issues created when women, in particular, have not been given a sound financial education. Over to you, Nikki!   “My name is Dr Nikki Ramskill, and I’m otherwise known as the Female Money Doctor. My […]

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Menopause, anxiety and strange dreams. Grief may help.

menopause anxiety, weight gain, menopause and grief,

Anxiety in menopausal years  can be confusing, tiring and upsetting. While it is important to make sure your diet and life style, stressors and supporters, are all in a good place, there is potentially, more to mid-life anxiety. In the invisible realms of your body, something is calling for your attention and this low level […]

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Perimenopause support – who wants soggy undies anyway?

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  I first heard the word ‘prolapse’ when I was pregnant. In fact, what I heard was ‘rectal prolapse’ and that random phrase galvanised me like a 1000 volt cattle prod poking into my stately rear end. Peri menopause brings presents – and perils. One of the perils that can be managed is that of […]

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The four levels of Perimenopause & why you need to understand them all.

  Here is a short radio show for you to listen to. I  recorded it for Silver Tent radio, and in it, I explain my view on the four levels of perimenopause and why you really do need to understand them all.   https://m.mixcloud.com/TheSilverTent/menopause-magic/      

Understanding the spiritual technology of menopause. Really? (1/2)

  I can almost hear the collective groans of disbelief and exasperation from  thousands of women. These dear souls, worn down by months or years, of peri menopausal symptoms (and just want it TO END ) are now being presented with the hypothesis that there is a ‘spiritual technology’ underpinning their misery. What am I […]

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Belly fat, sweating & exhausted? Is it really all because of the menopause?

belly fat, menopause,

    If you are suffering from unwanted saggy belly fat, sweating during the day and at night (or having gruesome chills) and feeling exhausted, you’re likely to be told that it’s the inevitable result of the dreaded menopause.   But why would 75% of women never report these symptoms? Or even tell you (as […]

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Miss Whiplash or Mrs Patience? Estrogen dominance in menopause.

perimenopause help

Estrogen dominance. Could estrogen be the ‘Miss Whiplash’ of the woman’s body? A driving force that doesn’t know when or how to  stop? I’ve been mooching around  FB groups, checking out the ones for perimenopausal women. One of these groups has made my heart ache. In this particular group, dozens (if not 00s) of (younger) […]

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The brain and ovarian hormones

estrogen, menopause,

    I’ve shared this video becauses – amongst other things – Marwa Azab has really underscored my “5R Sweat Reduction Plan”s main approach, which is to get to know yourself. She also makes it really simple to understand the HPA axis https://debsdevries.com/2017/09/14/hotter-colder-whatisgoingon/ and sheds some wonderful medical wisdom on female hormones. 17 minute and worth watching!! […]

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What type of menopause change agent are you?

change, menopause,

So – what type of menopause ‘change’ agent are you?   It helps to know when you are setting out on this journey. First of all, ask yourself – why is menopause often  mysteriously and rather secretly, referred to as “the change?” Having been through it, I know why. It literally caused me to change […]

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Menopause. A mid life crisis into pain and power?

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What do you think triggers a mid-life crisis? Is it just a natural part of the menopause process? Maybe it’s a secret fear of being on the downward slope to eternity? Perhaps it’s money worries? Or loss of purpose, role, looks – and/or divorce? These are not really the triggers. These are the potential effects of […]

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8 Cool tips for hot flashes.

menopause and sensuality, hot flash relief, hot flashes, night sweats,

Hi there! You’re in the right place for information and support on your menopause journey and this article is about hot sweats. Hot flashes and night sweats  are a topic that occupies a lot of time and attention for many pre menopausal women. Approximately 25% of women in menopause (perimenopause too) suffer  them to a […]

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Hot flashes and cold chills – what is going on with me?

hot flashes, night sweats, menopause,

So are you feeling hotter? Or feeling chills? Or both? Hot flashes are one of the bugbears of the menopausal years – but some women will actually feel chills instead. Why do some women suffer from extremes in menopause. First, it is important to understand how your body normally adjusts to temperature changes. You need […]

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Could yoga help your menopause symptoms?

menopause, yoga for menopause

Menopause and Yoga? Have you noticed the upsurge of images in the press and social media, showing lithe beings in patterned Lycra performing impossible looking Yoga poses?  Unless you already practice Yoga then it’s very likely you haven’t thought of Yoga as a helpful complementary part of your peri and post menopause health regime. It’s […]

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Reclaiming Menopause. A woman’s rite.

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Menopause, along with menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth, is one of the natural cycles and events in a woman’s life.   These cycles and passages mirror the innate nature of our Universe to expand and change.  However, although this century has seen some positive changes in attitudes to menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth, it’s not always so with […]