Sweats, vest & pants. A drug free solution to menopause sweats?

Vests and pants are not the first thing you’ll think of when you are in the middle of hot sweats right? Time to think again!  I am very, very careful about recommending anything (as you know) but this week, I have to give a huge shout out to BeCome™ women’s menopause clothing.  One of my […]

The Mad woman in our collective attic. Mental imbalance at menopause?

mad woman, menopause

I was inspired to entitle this piece “The Mad woman in my attic” based on my own experiences of what could probably be described as mental instability during my perimenopause passage. By the way, this instability arrived in my life co-bundled with spiritual expansion and ecstasy. Interesting. During this frenzied and disruptive time, I also […]

Menopause, mental illness and my mum.

menopause mental illness

Menopause, mental illness and my mum.   My mum was in her early 40s when some dramatic changes became apparent. I have kept a photo of her in which she has a big, saggy belly emerging. It was a look she hated and was so out of keeping with her svelte, elegant and active self. […]

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Workplace, women and menopause: is it a good deal?

Menopause in workplace

When I first started work, the Sex Discrimination Act of 1975 wasn’t on the statue book and my workplace was unusual in that it offered equal pay. (This right is of course,  now enshrined in the 2010 Equality Act) Until then, I was NOT permitted to wear trousers to my workplace (in the British Civil […]