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Menopause and money. Financial future or financial failure?

menopause money,

Have you every considered that money is also menopause issue?   Why would you? You’re probably too immersed in peri menopause, life and all of that. But think about it: if you are to continue working into your 60s, (and in the UK state pension age is moving up to 66 and beyond) how will […]

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Menopause and the three gatekeepers of power.

In Yoga, the presiding Deva of this time is Bagalmukhi.   (A Deva is a divine spirit; to me it is a form of energy with a unique feeling and power).   In images,  you see that Bagalamukhi  holds a noose to call you back inwards to your self and a cosh to stun you […]

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Perimenopause as the gateway to a new life? Is that ridiculous or reasonable?

Life begins at 50? No, not really. Life simply continues – but there are some ‘portals’ on your journey, such as perimenopause when you have a golden opportunity to reset and refocus. And I am in no doubt that perimenopause is one of those magical, messy, and sometimes crazy making, but ultimately rewarding portals. Have […]

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Menopause healing: the lunar eclipse of July 2018

Menopause healing?  Is that a contradiction in terms?  My experience was that the long and often dark, peri menopausal passage was a whopping  great opportunity for healing. I was partially aware of it at the time, even as  I writhed, sobbed and fretted against the changes. With the support of healing  modalities, including Yoga and […]