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Menopause and sleep – or lack of it!

Menopause and sleep – or in reality, menopause and  not sleep. Disturbed, sweaty nights that are often more like a nightmare than a dream. Not only does it make day life tough – it can bring a sense of tension ahead of bedtime. “How many hours will I get tonight before I wake in a […]

Lubrication for vaginal dryness in perimenopause.

Lubrication for vaginal dryness in  perimenopause is an often over-looked topic. In all the  hoo-har about sweats, and mood swings, exhaustion and weight gain, it’s easy to imagine that sex is possibly one of the last things on your mind. It may not be on your mind at all. I understand. You are tired, for […]

Tell me what you really, really want…

I’m not so sure anymore. When I first decided to send emails regularly, I made a promise. I’d only send something that I felt sure would give you value. You know, help things be a a bit easier, or a piece of information that would change the way you do or see things. Before I […]

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Symptoms of perimenopause. Symptoms or signals?

What really are the symptoms of perimenopause? Well, that’s what a lot of people (mostly, but not exclusively women, want to know). I’ve written about symptoms, It’s a long list of  the same set of physical inconveniences, horrors and menaces as most menopause helpers/teachers/healers would write.  Also I have  added a few important ones, that I […]