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Irregular periods and heavy menstrual bleeding.

It’s likely that  you’ll  experience irregular periods and heavier than usual bleeding during perimenopause.  I know I did, a couple of times, and it scared the heck out of  me! Even though I was all growed up, seeing the amount of blood that had just left my body, left me shaking. Eek. Had it stopped? Will it everystop? How much blood have I got to lose before I pass out? Terror in the toilet. Losing it in the silence of the loo with no one to turn to. Yep, a bit of  paranoia set in for sure


First stop for me was a trusted healer friend. She smiled calmly and said ‘you’re just having a good old clean out”. I wasn’t entirely convinced but I did calm down. I still went for investigation.

In my case, she was correct. But I had reason for fear. My mother developed heavy menstrual bleeding at the age of 46 and it was a warning sign. I don’t want to alar.m anyone, but just be aware that for some women, it’s something that will have an underlying cause. For most of us, it probably is just the womb having a clear out.


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