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Weight gain in menopause. Fact, fiction or just something to expect?

Weight gain in menopause.

In addition to some of the other perils of perimenopause, many women will find that weight seems to be slipping on – and not sliding off. Weight gain in menopause has a become yet another ‘thing’ to dread, (along with facial hair, for one thing, which does NOT amuse me)  and to grudgingly accept as part of the aging process.

Is this  necessarily so?  Should we fight the midlife flab or lay down on the collective sofa of later womanhood, looking back with wistful eyes to the days when we were ‘slim’ (if we were) and give in gracefully?

I’ll share a bit about my weight issues here. In reality, I never had any. I was brought up in a very simple way, we didn’t have scales in the house, or snacks for that matter. I ran around outside most of the time, either chasing ponies (and later, boys) because we didn’t have TV.  So maybe I am not the ideal avatar. But I did notice how my body changed shape during perimenopause and now, although I am only a few pounds above my favourite fighting weight, I  just look more ’rounded’. And I am a dress size higher than back in the day.

Look, I know that fat stores are important, post menopause, to keep some type of estrogen production happening (ditto healthy adrenal glands and gut).

But there is no ‘jelly roll’ on my midriff and I wonder if this is because I got such great advice on adrenal health when I needed it. Right slap back in the early days of full on perimenopause, I met an ethnobotanist, who is also a shaman.  Just what you need! So rather than write reams on the causes of most mid-life weight gain, I’m  just going to sit back, nibble on a walnut, and listen to the Doc. He also provides a  nifty quiz, so why not complete it? You may get some help that helps!