Welcome to the Inner Sanctum – your Inner Sanctum

  • This is an exclusive space for the wonderful women who have travelled with me and want to continue with the valuable and impactful support that comes from the ‘invisible’ as well as the visible realms!
  • It’s for women that want, need and  value the healing from spiritual tools and practices that they can’t otherwise access . These women know that it supports their energetic (etheric and astral) bodies in staying clean and clear and therefore preventatively helps to minimise illness and drama.
  • It’s for women who don’t have a spiritual training or community that allows them access to technology and techniques that everyone needs in order to stay balanced and grow, both as a human and as a soul.


Every month your support system package will include at least: –

  • One Transference Healing™ Animal Magic ‘Circle of Fire’ (A shamanic cleansing ceremony and attendance is ‘remote’ so you can receive the healing in your sleep if need be! )
  • One guided healing meditation Mp3 especially channelled and recorded by me.
  • One ‘menopause magic’ health practice in an email or downloadable format – a new surprise every month

So you’ll never be alone on your journey!

And as a bonus – you will also automatically qualify for:

  • First news of Retreats PLUS a 20% reduction on the full investment.
  • First look at my onew on line programmes and yes, also a juicy  20% reduction on purchase.

ALL this for less than £1 per day – your monthly membership investment is just  £27 – and there’s no complicated agreement. You pay by direct debit and cancel if and when you want to.

To stay in the energy and under my wing (and I’d love it if you will) just go here to sign up or contact me at: debs@debsdevries.com

AND – if you haven’t yet looked at my “Claim your Crown” programme yet  – I have some very exciting news for you. Let’s talk soon!


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The 30 Day Sweat Reduction Plan©
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[Revised and Updated for 2017]
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