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Hey! Mid life sister.  If you are curious/frustrated/worried/exhausted/excited with or about menopause …

I have something very important to tell you.

And please tell your daughter(s) nieces and granddaughters too.

Menopause is magic.

And you can learn this ‘hidden technology of transformation’ at “The Menopause Magic Retreat”


Read on, please –  and yes, this copy is  quite long –  but then, so is menopause. It lasts for an average of 7 years, so give yourself 3 minutes now and invest it in some life changing information!

(P.S. This magic is not the kind of magic with fairies waving twinkly wands,  pixies cantering about on cute unicorns and princesses being rescued by a friggin’ prince kind-of-magic).

Reality check.

This is real, every day, ordinary life magic. Messy. Mysterious. Dirty. Invisible. Disruptive. Annoying. Exasperating. Freakin’ frustrating and ultimately, transformative. Because it is designed purely to transform.

  • Menopause has a purpose, a structure and a ‘science’ to it.
  • These mysteries were known to our women folk a very long time ago.
  • This knowledge  has  since been lost, buried, denied, ignored and dismissed.


So why do you need to know this now?

Because, when you own this knowledge, you can navigate peri menopause to your greatest advantage.

And you will  create the next, greatest version of you. Truly.  The potential is already there, encoded in your DNA –  and waiting to blossom in the right conditions.

This won’t be you as a mother, a business owner, CEO, career maven, lover, daughter, queen or sister. You will always be those things if you choose, of course.

No. This  is another YOU underneath and above all of these roles, loves and loyalties.

This is about the  living expression of your soul’s absolute essence. I am certain of that.

Yes, it is essentially you  –  but more energized, sexier, more creative, unique, excited, ecstatic, and inspired than ever. This is you as a leader and wisdom giver to the next generation:

This is you as the heart and centre of a healthy happy family and community: the you that is fulfilling herself for no other reason than it’s your absolute birthright. This is not cliche. It’s your ‘payback’ time from Mother Nature.

Without this  deep feminine knowledge, a huge opportunity may be lost. Lost to you, your family and the world. And without this knowledge, things can get messy.

There is, all being well,  you have a whole 1/3 of your life yet to come. What would you do with that 30 years? Menopause hasn’t come to stop you sister – it’s come to propel you! And in October 2018, you have a unique opportunity to find out how.



BUT –  be aware, that, incorrectly handled, or suppressed for too long, the energy that drives  menopause can get – well –  squiffy. Ever noticed midlife women suffering from any of these?


  • Shattered, stagnant and/or damaged relationships.
  • Loss of pleasure in sex, food, work, business, socializing.
  • Extreme behavior – out of character, unbalanced, withdrawing too much  or working too hard.
  • Confusion; often you’re scattered and unable to focus: you may get wild thoughts and/or dreams that are scary/embarrassing to talk about.
  • Health issues, particularly around the womb, bladder, ovaries, low back, legs.
  • Fatigue – not just of body but of the soul. A sense of ‘what’s the point’ filters into your thinking.
  • Ongoing dramas in the family or workplace that keep repeating and repeating… with you stuck in the middle getting more and more worn out.
  • Roles, jobs, ways of being that used to juice you  just don’t seem to satisfy or be sustainable anymore.


Can you relate?

menopause help

It’s OK. Help is at hand. The Menopause Magic Retreat is waiting for you.

Because what you really need are some practically magical tools, girl.

  • Knowledge  beyond anything a doc can tell you.
  • Wisdom that the West has forgotten
  • Practices – from me, your own shaman, Transference Healing Mystery School graduate and Tantric  Yogini.
  • Information – about the practical aspects of living this time. How to do it.
menopause help, menopause retreat,

Our retreat space. Just for us!

Only “The Menopause Magic” retreat delivers  all these vital tools across 4 levels: –

Physical – menopause self care – nurture, nourish, protect, support.
Emotional – riding the wild waves without going under.
Psychological – finding sanity – and being ok with a bit of madness.
Spiritual – staying connected, to you and  your ‘spirit’.

Once you have these tools, they’re yours to use, share and teach your womenfolk – for life.

If you already know it’s  absolutely your year, your time, then be assured that there is a warm and welcoming place for you. Check your diary now and ring fence October 5 2018 (afternoon of the Friday) to Sunday 7th October 2018 (midday). Clear a space, for you!

All you need is :-

  • A sense of adventure – you’re open to trying out some new ideas.
  • A sense of humour – you’re prepared to look at yourself in depth (you don’t have to tell anyone what you find there!)
  • A thirst for useful information – you’re open to better solutions than being told “well, that does happen in menopause”.
  • A sense of curiosity – what if there is more to this menopause thing than you’ve been led to believe?
  • A pair of wellies, a blanket, journal –  and some tracky bottoms!

Menopause mentor Debs de Vries

So come and JOIN me and a select group of women (6 maximum) at THE MENOPAUSE MAGIC RETREAT in a beautiful private  location in the centre of the UK (only 9 miles from jct. 18 MI). Soak in the information, healings and inspiration – and learn what’s really going on in menopause – and why!

From Friday afternoon 5 October – until Sunday brunch time on 7 October 2018, you will be cared for in every way, in an exclusive use venue  in 40 acres of off grid beautiful English countryside. No sharing the lunch buffet with a bunch of people you don’t know.

You’ll love the bountiful, nourishing home cooked breakfasts (featuring Jeff’s famous bread, cooked on site), the luscious menopause friendly vegetarian lunch on Saturday, and two delicious three course dinners featuring foods specially selected to make you feel good!

You’ll have Sally’s awesome afternoon cake to look forward to and all your refreshments, luxurious private room with bath or shower, are  included. Before you leave on Sunday you’ll also have a light breakfast before Yoga, and a beautiful brunch. All of this AND the information, healings and sacred practices I teach too.

You have everything to gain by investing in this knowledge. The next one third of your life needs this. And so do those that love you. It’s time.

So come on, bag your space on the sofa – book now to make sure you get this vital info (2 spaces already taken)

Your magic ticket includes:-

2 nights accommodation in a beautiful single use double room, with en suite bathroom:  breakfasts, a lunch and a brunch: 3 course dinners (all home cooked and locally sourced) afternoon cake, snacks and refreshments, talks and workshops.

EARLY BIRD PRICING – book now and I’ll gift you 10% reduction from the full price of £517 if you book and pay before 30 July That’s a bit more than £50 off.

£465 IF you book before 30 July 2018

For the Early Birds – pick up Option 1 now.

IF you want to share a room with a buddy, we have one sharing room. Take Option 2 on the drop down above after checking with me, Debs, for availability. or just call me: 077 485 95565

A few words from Sue B – one of the magicians on our last retreat: menopause magic retreat

“Debs, Debs, Debs, The Weekend Retreat with you was like no other.

Right from the start ???

Such culinary delights …. so rich, sumptuous and divinely sublime.

The roaring log fires enveloped a warm ambience that felt so safe and so nurturing. Whilst outside the snow cocooned around the retreat like a blanket allowing us to absorb every essence of self healing imaginable. It awakened such tranquilly deep within my core, a place of longing that I had misplaced over time.

I came away feeling completely reconnected with myself and knowing I no longer felt lost …. Instead my senses became alive as did my whole self.

What a wonderful magical experience anyone thinking about it …. DON’T …. Just do it and embrace the awakening in you ???

See you in the Inner Temple!