25% of  menopausal women (according to the U.K.s National Institute for Clinical Excellence) are likely to suffer sleep disturbances, hot sweats, aches pains and weight gain. Not to mention depression and anxiety attacks.Sometimes these problems lead  to issues around work, and financial stability. Often, they impact relationships and life choices. Not many will admit to the vivid dreams, extreme thoughts and inner turmoil that can make a woman wonder if she is losing her grip on things. And what about intimacy, sex and sensuality? Fun?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Nature is doing her best to speak to you, and I know what she is saying.

My role is to support you in becoming strong and balanced again – physically, emotionally, psychology and spiritually. I help you reignite your self confidence, clarity, vision and ability to get the support you need – while you are also ‘birthing’ your new self.

RESULT: Changes flow from a place of stability, security, clarity and
strength.  You  – and those you care about – can relax and feel the relief and optimism that comes with knowing just HOW to navigate this passage.

I do this by working with you in a personally tailored VIP mentoring programme and at a bespoke retreat.

Let’s talk about how working with me could  be the perfect solution to helping you to a better experience of menopause – and a sparkling, sensually passionate future. Just book a slot in my calendar – no obligation on your part – or contact me via email: mail@debsdevries.com