WHY JOURNEY and EVOLVE with me as your mentor?

My  “Menopause EVEolution programmes© (“Beyond the Veil” “Claim your Crown” and “The Inner Sanctum” contain tools and techniques that I’ve brought with me from the most cutting edge and ancient wisdom schools,  spiritual, Yogic and  personal development practices available.

Nowhere else will you find some of these practices used in this way. I am confident of that.

I can show you what’s blocking and sapping your energy: and it’s not just perimenopause.  I am certain of that.  I have tools that will help you reignite your self confidence; create new visions – find joy and fun again – and feel calmer, confident and in control of your life once more.

RESULT:  My clients tell me they feel excited, inspired, strong, confident and clear again.

They can get back to living life –  the way they want to.  Depending on your goals, health is improved, weight lost, new visions born, gifts and talents discovered, relationships are either upgraded or released, time and space for you magically appears. Addictions and unhealthy habits are gently released and new, supportive ways of being are embodied.

JOURNEY and EVOLVE with me as your mentor –

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book your complimentary  consultation with me – it’s going to be amazing!

Just a thought.  Is natural menopause worth the effort of trying to figure it all out for yourself?

  • Are you one of the 25% of women, in perimenopause, who are finding it massively challenging to function as normal – and really don’t want to use HRT?
  • And are you also one of an increasing number of women, disappointed and frustrated by the lack of support and understanding around this powerful change?
  • If you’re also the woman who has invested in herself:  taken care of her health and  maybe taken some personal growth or spiritual trainings, you may well be wondering “Why me?” (That is the polite version!).

There’s a jumble of information out there isn’t there? Do you need Black cohosh or HRT? Should you opt for eating tons of phytoestrogens and using bio identical hormones, red clover, yam cream – or just  run screaming to the hills? No doubt, most of these options will help – I have found them to be useful too.

But something in you calls you to go deeper, deeper than the physical level –  and explore why it is  you just don’t feel like you used to anymore? Is it really ‘just’ menopause or is something under the surface trying to emerge?

Yes, there is. The next amazing version, of  YOU!

Menopause is physical – yes – and it is also a super sensitive time for life change supported by a whole, unspoken of, technology of its own. Am I going to get a mainstream doctor to agree with me? I doubt it. But nevertheless, this ancient understanding and esoteric knowledge still exist – and they are sorely needed by women so they can birth their wisdom and power anew and live life fully again.

Let’s talk about how working with me could  be the perfect solution to giving you a much better experience of menopause – and a sparkling, sensually passionate future! Just book a  ‘chat slot’ in my calendar – or contact me via email: debs@debsdevries.com